About Bella

Why hewo there internet friends, and welcome to my humble blog. My name is Bella and I am a pit bull mutt. My life started in April 2012 at FurEver Animal Rescue, who took in my very pregnant doggy mama right before she had us puppies.

My forever family adopted me in June 2012 at a FurEver Animal Rescue adoption event in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was very happy to go home with them, especially when I saw all the toys and knew that I would be the most spoiled puppy dog on Earth.

I live an easy life, with an abundance of toys, two kitty siblings, and two pibble cousins. In my spare time, I like to spy on the neighbors and go for walkies with my mama. I also enjoy taking trash out of the garbage can, eating the occasional Kleenex, and just recently discovered how delightful it is to destroy Christmas decorations.

You can follow all my adventures on my Instagram page http://instagram.com/mymuttkicksbutt# and here on this blog!

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